My Holiday, by Jamie

Part 1)- My s*** week

Part 2) My holiday :)

Dear fellow bloggers,

Part 1) The last week of term was S***, it was when red brain and his friends came out to play with my head… And it was the worst time for it to come out too- My school planner (diary) Is filled with comments on my behavier (Some good, most bad) whenever I opened my planner to write homework I would see the messages and they made me feel like crap, I think the last week I gave up, I was rude to teachers, was involved in people having fights, and the detentions kept piling up to the point where I had enough, I missed detentions which got me 2 more, I had a long argument with a TA who thought it was funny to snatch my bottle of me, and then do things behind my back, so yeah I lost it at her which resulted in me going to the worse place in school- Student Support- I came home on Wednesday and said to mum “I’ve had enough of school, its doing my head in” And everything up on the other lines ^^ And so I took the day off (Thursday) to calm myself, I had a haircut, tidied my room, got a new phone- Oh yeah I don’t have a very good phone record;

1)    Samsung tocco lite: Went in washing machine

2)    Samsung tocco lite: Went in washing machine again

3)    Samsung tocco lite: Kept alive

4)    (saved up) Samsung galaxy ace: Confiscated for playing “My milkshake”-Kelis, in tutor time (Completly my fault really)

5)    Nokia Lumia 520: Confiscated by the worst teacher in history :(

6)    (saved up) Nokia Lumia 520: Dropped smashed (screen unresponsive) I was really depressed about that.

7)    (Used my old phone) Samsung galaxy ace: Took into school and it got confiscated again

8)    (saved up with mum) Got a really cool Samsung galaxy fame-Which believe it or not is still in working order ;)

Anyway Friday came, the best day of every week, but today was really awesome-School trip to an adventure park! Me, N and C (My main friends) Hanged around together in the park, it was the most best day of my school life ever! We went on go-karts, and I overcome my fear of half the rides there ;)

Part 2) I have recently been on a holiday with my mum, dad and sis. It was raining most days though :( which was annoying.

Saturday: Left for Derbyshire, when we arrived we unpacked and me and dad went to Morrisons to get our supplies

Sunday: RAIN, I think we stayed in for that day but i’m not sure

Monday: I think it was this day that we went for a long walk, I was fine up until like 50minutes then I was a moody sod for the rest of it, but hey thats what wallking does to you ;)

Tuesday: Amazing day! We went to the Stig’s house and had a mess around for a bit then we went for a quick drive up to the forest where we had milkshakes and homemade biscuits homemade :) they were lush

Wednesday: We met with the Stig and his family :D in the pub! Then they came back to our holiday house for more acohol and for the kiddies milkshakes… :/ aha

Thursday: In the day we went for a bike ride in the soaking wet, we went on the Tissington trail a.k.a Pissington trail ;)

Friday: We packed to leave, though Friday was a bit of a bad day :/ Not gonna talk about that… :(

I really really really enjoyed meeting Stig and his family, they’re really nice people :) I’m really sorry that we couldn’t say goodbye to you on Friday (Don’t think i was in the right head) Anyway, thanks for inviting us around your house and to the pub.

Oh yeah by the way I was joking about the walking bit…. It only does it to me because I play too much computer….. Its good for you I think :)

Cheers :):):):)

Ps- Can the Stig email my mum with your email because I have them muddled up cheers :)

9 thoughts on “My Holiday, by Jamie

  1. Amanda Boorman

    Absolutely brilliant blog. You are such a good and honest writer and also very funny ( I wish I knew how to do the smiley faces you use so I could put some in here for you). School can be very annoying if you feel wobbly. Very wise of you to have a calm day off and be ready to have a fresh start again.
    Take care. Amanda and Jazz x

  2. Suddenly Mummy

    Found your list of phone disasters hysterically funny! I really enjoyed reading this – it’s great writing. I hope your English teacher appreciates you – I know I would have been delighted to have your verve and originality in my classroom.

  3. Tina Hendry

    thanx for sharing, your post help me,,,,I kept my wee one off school a few weeks ago for 2 days as she was having rotten time, to hear you say you took the day off to calm helps me in knowing I did the right thing for her. :) TY :)

  4. plumstickle

    Awesome blog. Am going to show it to my boy. He really liked the last one and this one’s even better. You are funny like Sally (and in a different way too, don’t worry!). More writing please!

  5. mat

    Jamie, my son is very much like you and gets the red mist which makes it difficult to cope with life. He had a shit last week of the last half term and an even shitter weeks holiday when he was angry a lot of the time. He finds it very difficult to know why he struggles sometimes but, like your mum and dad, we love him just the same!

  6. Laura

    After just finishing your Mum’s book it was wonderful to read your very honest blog. Keep up the good work.

  7. Sarah Norwood

    Haha! That is such a funny and honest blog! You made me laugh out loud, and feel for you.
    I agree – your mum also has that mixture of honest and wit, but in a very different way. Very cool!
    Sounds like you are a funny family.
    Good luck on the phone front – super annoying when they don’t work. (Impressed with how much you saved up!) At least you haven’t dropped it in the loo … as I might have done… once… It killed it stone dead.

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